Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory

Here's another post on my travel in L.A. or should I say food trip. hehe. 

Actually I was lucky enough that Gizelle my older brother's friend invited us to have dinner outside since they haven't seen each other for a long time. We really don't know any good place that we want to eat at, so Gizelle and her boyfriend Ryan took us to The Cheesecake Factory, I can't remember the exact place though.

When we reach the place, I was at awe when I saw the place. The outside of the restaurant itself was amazing and looks quite expensive. Arriving we didn't expect to be waiting in line for a long time but there a lot of people who are in queue waiting to be called. The way they call their customers who are waiting in line is new to me, they provide a device to the customers something like a size of a mobile phone and when it's your turn to be called that device (sorry I don't have any picture of the device to better explain it) will light up, meaning that there is an available table already.

Here some pictures of the place outside. Sorry for the quality of the pictures.

That's me and my older brother at the front door.

This is the bench outside while waiting. It was really cold outside during this time.

Tables outside

Once you get inside you will see that they really have a very nice lobby, the place is so cozy and all the lights were dimmed. That's why I can't take good pictures as well inside, because if I use the flash I might disturb the other tables besides us, actually when I tried using the flash the other tables were looking at us.

Entering you will see the line-up of cheesecakes that they offer, and everything looks delicious to me. 

Couldn't get a good angle because there were really a lot of people inside.

Now it's time to order. Actually I can't remember what we ordered that night but we had salad, pizza, pasta and cheesecake. While ordering I noticed that the waiters there really talks very fast, in welcoming us and asking for the orders. They all seem to be in a hurry. Well, they do have a quick service. I was also impressed that when taking our order, they don't write them down as to what I am used to here in the Philippines, they memorize our orders and repeat it afterwards. That is a very sharp mind and very good training. Good thing there were no left-out orders when the food arrived, not unlike some restaurants in the Philippines who is a trying-hard, memorizing the orders and forgetting it at the end, or even worst for those who writes down the order and still make mistakes with the order. I know, I've experienced this a lot of times. It all boils down to extensive training of people.

Unlimited bread as appetizer. Complimentary.

This is my order. There's a lot of cheese right? I know, because when the waiter was putting cheese on it, I wasn't able to tell him to stop. I was so accustomed that the waiter will just make their own assumption as to how many to put, but I'm here in the U.S and the customer is always right.
The salad was really great, too bad I was already full.
Me and my older Brother.
Ryan, Gizelle and my older Brother.
I just wished they also have a restaurant branch here in the Philippines, I would love to eat at this place again and try out the other food on the menu.


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Ooohh! I love tons of cheese on pasta. Everything looks yum!

Chyng said...

delights my eyes!
kung hindi mo pala pinigilan, naubos na yung cheese sa plate mo. hehe

so hows the cheesecake? heavenly for sure! kainggit!

=JoShY= said...

axeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!! howddddy! syet naman, ako tamang sa talon lang sa quezon napapad, ikaw mukhang nag-a-around the world. kainggggeeeeeet!

Visual Velocity said...

Kaw talaga, food trip nang food trip, nakaka-taba yan, lolszt

In fairness, mukang masarap yung cheesecake. Nagutom tuloy ako, haha

Axel said...

@Pinay Travel >> yes, everything really looks great and I bet they also tastes great.. I also love a lot of cheese on my pasta..

@Chyng >> haha, oo nga eh.. nakatingin na nga sakin yung waiter habang nagkakadkad siya eh (thinking: hindi mo ba ko papahintuin?) lol

The cheesecake was really awesome, it's not that sweet, just right for my taste buds.

Axel said...

@Joshy >> haha, mas gusto pa rin ang patalon-talon lang sa mga falls.. sinuwerte lang na makapag-abroad.. thanks to my sponsors.. lol..

@Visual Velocity >> haha, oo nga eh.. kaya nataba na tuloy ako..
sensya na panget ng mga kuah ko eh, nakakahiya mag-picture kasi.. lam mo na nasa ibang bansa, baka kung anu isipin nila sakin.. haha

=JoShY= said...

ahahaha. antaray. may sponsors! :)