Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chowking in L.A.

Filipino food and restaurants are really making their way into the international market, just like one of the most famous food chains in the Philippines - Chowking. I was a bit happy seeing Chowking in L.A because it kinda make me feel proud of how Filipino's are succeeding abroad. 

One thing that I noticed when visiting fast food chains they have different menu's per country.

Eating at Chowking somewhere in West Covina, I noticed that their menu is not like what they offer in the Philippines. There were no Lauriat meals, the noodles and other food choices.

As you can see, the menu is very much different than what is being offered in the Philippines.

Yet still they try to maintain to offer Filipino style of cooking and taste.
Pancit Bihon with Garlic Milk Fish meal.

 In the Philippines Chowking claims to be the biggest Chinese fast food restaurant, but in L.A. they seem to be offering more of Filipino style of foods rather than Chinese foods. Maybe this is what we can call marketing strategy. The owners wanted to offer a menu not that will cater more to the taste buds of their target market in that country rather than having a universal menu for each country that they represent. 

So when you go to a different country and see a fast food chain that is also available on your country of origin, don't say that "nah! we also have those back at home", you might get surprised that it isn't what you think it is and enjoy it better than you used to.


Chyng said...

well iba man lasa, may touch of pinoy pa din yan.
ang yaman! CK sa LA! =)

Visual Assault said...

May mga budget meals rin ba sila? Siguro exclusive yung mga ganun sa developing countries, hehe.

Axel said...

@Chyng >> haha, anu mayaman dun? sa Chowking nga lang kinakainan ko.. lol

@Visual >> oo may budget meals pa rin sila..