Friday, April 8, 2011

To Hollywood and Universal Studios

For a change, I'll be posting an English version for my blog..

They say that when you visit L.A. (Los Angeles) California, there are 3 places that you must go to - that is Hollywood, Universal Studios and Disneyland. Too bad for me I wasn't able to visit Disneyland, but that's fine.

On my first few days in L.A. one thing that I noticed is that commuting is not the best option to travel in this city because bus stops are far apart and it takes time to wait for buses to come, not unless you live in downtown were most transportation is accessible like train stations. Still the best way to get around is to have your own car or rent a car to maximize your traveling time.

To get to downtown L.A Tita Nanette decided we park our car at Union Station and take a train going downtown to save time for looking parking spaces and save on parking fees which is much more expensive in that area.

Some facts: This station has been used several times for Hollywood movies like Pearl Harbor, The Way We Were, Blade Runner, Speed, Star Trek; First Contact, Silver Streak and The Italian Job. The old ticket windows stood in for Miami National Bank in the Leonardo DiCaprio - Tom Hanks caper Catch Me if You Can.

Finally we've reached Hollywood. They say it looks better in the evening because of all the lights and there are more people at night time which will make it difficult for us to go around. 

Picture with Cat Woman, just like the cosplayers in the Philippines, though they take pictures for a tip.

Since the famous Hollywood sign is quite far, this is the best picture I can have with it.

Hollywood is not complete without seeing the walk of fame.
me my brother with Marilyn Monroe

Wax figure of Jamie Fox

me & shrek

Our final stop for the day would be going to Universal Studios. Since we lack the budget and time we decided not to take any rides and just see the place from the outside which is not that bad at all.

Since the Universal Studios is on top of a hill, a FREE shuttle service goes around for tourists and visitors.

The trip isn't complete without a picture at the famous globe of Universal Studios.

Feeling star.

This is the main entrance where the rides are at.

Ohh, Johnny Rockets. We already have this one in the Philippines.

King Kong
Time to taste their coffee here.
Haaay, drinking coffee doing nothing. This is the life.

I know that we should've visited this places night time but we have to make use of our time since we're accompanied by friends and relatives. Overall I enjoyed the trip for this day. 

Watch-out for my other posts during my visit in California.


YanaH said...

ikaw na talaga!
pwedeng mainggit?

san ka? hahaha

Visual Velocity said...

Wow! Universal Studios? Buti ka pa, hehe. Sama mo ko next time! lol

Axel said...

@Yanah >> pwede rin mainggit.. hehe.. dito na ko Pinas uli..

@Visual Velocity >> hanggang labas lang ako ng Universal Studios eh.. =p
Sige sama ka next time, KKB nga lang ah.. hehe..

Chyng said...

wowowowow! ang sosyal naman!
enjoy! mararating ko din yan balang araw. ipon muna. hehe

Axel said...

@Chyng >> hahaha, I'd like to thank my sponsors for this great opportunity.. Keri mo toh, ikaw pa..