Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Italian Fast Food

Fast food restaurants is a big thing here in the Philippines. Everyone wants to get there food and eat it right away. I don't know if it's because we have a fast phased life or are we just always in a hurry or maybe we really like to eat.

I have tried a lot of fast food restaurants but when I came across Ristorante Bigoli, I was surprised that it was a fast food restaurant style and not a fine dinning restaurant.

Ristorante Bigoli is an Italian fast food restaurant (Italian fast food?? that is really something new). You'll wonder how do they do it, because if eat at a fine dinning Italian restaurant you know that you will wait for 30 to 45 minutes before being served, that depends on the food that you order.

Fast food style - pay as your order

The place looks nice as well

Refillable drinks, something that Burger King has stopped doing. I wonder why?
Charles & John

Me and Mia

One of there signature dishes, Italian Chicken (choose from Italian rice or pasta). The taste is actually quite ordinary for me.

Cream Dory with rice. The sauce works well with the fish fillet although I think my cream dory was a little bit overcooked.

Pizza & Pasta combo. You also get unlimited bread sticks for every pasta combo meals.

Italian Chicken with Pasta

This is one of there signature pastas, sorry but I forgot the name. But I can recommend this one for sure.

Bistecca (steak, mashed potatoes and vegies). This is also one of my favorites. The steak is very tender and the mashed potato is really good.
 The prices here are really cheap compared to fine dinning but you still can experience a great Italian dish. I can also recommend this as a nice place for dinner with your loved ones for those who doesn't have the budget to eat at expensive Italian restaurants. 

You can find Ristorante Bigoli at the top most floor of Trinoma near cinema 7. I don't know if they have other branches besides this one. 


kabute said...

i love bigoli! panalo 'to.

Chyng said...

o, balik pinas na?

Axel said...

@Kabute >> panalo di ba?!!

@Chyng >> Oo, balik pinas muna ang post.. hehe.. pero meron pa kong mga ipost na abroad.. =p

ka bute said...

yes! affordable na, panalo pa ang lasa. @_@

Visual Velocity said...

Tumulo laway ko dun sa pasta! Nakaka-gutom. lolsz

Axel said...

@kabute >> may tama ka!!

@Visual >> *abot panyo* punasan mo naman, natutuluan ako.. lol

Visual Velocity said...

Axel: Sobra ka naman, wala man lang words of encouragement. Hirap na hirap na nga ako magpaka-breeding. lolsz

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