Monday, June 9, 2008


Last Tuesday I lost my cellphone while I'm going home. At first we had a workout class at our office and after a hard workout, I became hungry and asked my friend Pam to come with and eat at KFC. By the way I did not change my workout clothes, I was wearing a jogging pants. I have two phones, Nokia 3530 and our company phone which is the Ericsson K608i. I placed both phones at the left pocket of my jogging pants which makes it really bulky and my pocket is quite shallow. So we ate at KFC and after eating hard fulll dinner we went out to smoke. After smoking we headed out going to Ayala Ave., Pam will ride an FX beside Standard Chartered building while I was going to take a jeepney going to Ayala MRT. The jeepney was not full yet when I entered, but after a few minutes the jeepney was full already. The last guy who entered seated at my left side, the same side where my two phones are located. I already was worried that he sat on my phones. I really would like to take a look at my phones that time but the jeepney was so full I have to space to move that much. So the first stopped was at Allied Bank building and some people got down the jeepney. I immediately looked at my pocket to see if anything happend to my phones. As I touched my left pocket to my surprise one of my phones were missing already. Guess what the phone that was missing is my Nokia 3530. You guys might say "so what" and think that it's such a cheap and old phone so why bother. Back to the story, I tried searching my left side and back to the right but I could see my phone anywhere. I immediately have a thought that it may fell from my pocket when I was eating at KFC, so when we reached Makati Shangri-La I went down and run all the way to KFC Rufino St. As I reached the store, I asked the crew if they saw any phones that I left, as what I expected they did not see anything so I left my calling card just in case anyone might return it but until now theirs no word.

As I was going out of the store I was thinking that I should have stayed at the jeepney and look for my phone but it was too late. So I tried calling my phone and it was still ringing but no one was answering it. I texted Paula (Mahal Ko) and informed her of what had happened. Afterwards I texted my brother (Diko) so I could have a ride with him going home because I no longer have the strength to take any public vehicle going home.

I even tried texting the person and pleaded to return my phone, even offering money in exchange to return my phone and even just e-mail my contacts. To my despise I found out that he was texting my cousins and friends. Texting them with "malaswa" and "bastos na mga text". I already accepted the fact that my phone will not be returned to me but after finding out that he was doing this I came to a decision and hunt him down. I was thinking on having someone text him and see if he will take the bait and meet with that person and once he approaches I will have some friends mog him. One of cousins gave me an idea to get some help from our uncle which is a cop.

For now this is my story, I will add a new one when I have some results on my plan.

By the way I named this blog entry as "stolen" because even though it fell from my pocket if I'm not mistaken, it felt like it was stolen because of the things that guy is doing. I want to consider this a crime from him. I would also like to appologize on my entry if the thoughts of each paragraph of different context this is my first entry.

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