Monday, June 9, 2008


Does anyone know how to connect the LAN Cable/ Internet Cable with the RJ45? Well I don't...
It's been more than a month since we bought a LAN Cable, an RJ-45 and a Linksys Router. I was the one who suggested for us to buy this things in order for us to maximize the internet subscription of brother with Smart Bro.
Anyway, when plan on buying this things - the LAN Cable and the RJ-45 is not yet crimped together or joined together. Well this wasn't my first impression. The crimping of the two (2) will cost you aroung Php 20.00 per RJ-45 if you have done at a computer store inside a mall. I believing that it would be easy in crimping the two together said to my mom "Wag na! Mahal masyado kung Php 20.00 each. Ako na bahala dyan marunong naman siguro yung mga kabarkada ko eh" After buying all the stuff we need to create a small LAN connection at home, I called-up my friends and ask them who could help me out with my problem. But none of them could help me out.
In short, this crimping thing became my biggest problem. Just this past few days I remembered to ask our IT Technical team at the office to help me out but they also forgot how to do it - maybe not forgot but the color coding arrangement of the eight (8) wires of the LAN Cable. So I asked for the help of our Graphic Designer, searched the web for the crimping instructions and there we printed out the web page. I went home and tried studying the graphics and when I was about to try it out, I seem to have lost the four (4) pieces of RJ-45. Damn! I bought another four (4) pieces and just this night tried to follow the instructions - at first it seemed a little bit difficult but I just went with my instincts and finished it.
Now the moment has come to try it out, if I have done it the way it supposed to be. Just this night after trying - Yehey! I succeeded, but first I tried to setting-up the LAN connection of our PC before finally using it. And now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. Hehehe.
Now I can surf the net and chat with my GF without bringing home our company's laptop...

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