Monday, June 9, 2008


A boss should be the who protects their subordinates and helps them in there concerns with there work and coaches them whenever they have questions. Everything that happens to the department that she is handling will reflect on her capabilities as a leader, whether she can help it improve.

This is not what is happening with my work, this boss is "sinisiraan ka sa mga clients mo or ibang tao, pati sa top management". Doesn't stick to what she says or committed. Naiiba na ang sinabi nya kapag nagkakaipitan na. May mga side comments na hindi magaganda. Nagtatrabaho mag-isa, hndi marunong magshare ng informations sa mga client namin. Hindi nya kayang tanggapin mga pagkakamali nya. Sipsip sa mga boss, at napaka moody na ang mga tao nya ang nahihirapan sa trabaho nila dahil hindi mo siya makausap ng maayos. Pinapagalitan ka kapag nireremind mo siya sa appointments, sa mga pendings nya samin. In other words, she's a FREAK of NATURE. This kind of person will never change and will forever be a toxic and torn to those who will under her supervision.

I don't want to leave and resign because I don't her to think that she has won, but before anything else I will do everything in my power to expose her. I will also make sure that she will know that she is messing with the wrong person, this is in a different way. I won't stoop down to her level and fight her in her own game, I'll bring this to my own level and were I know that I have the edge.
You better watch out, because Nice Guy's don't get angry they Just Get Back at You!!! Mr. Nice Guy; Jackie Chan Movie.

"A bad person who slanders a good one is like a person who looks up and spits at heaven... Her spit never reaches the sky, it falls back into her own face..." So watch out, you will see your spit falling back at your face...

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