Monday, June 9, 2008

Doctor QUACK....

Today, I didn't go to work because I'm not feeling well and I'm not up to it. So I decided to stay at home and just fix some personal stuffs. First, I plan to go to a certain bank and have my ATM card replaced because it is broken already. Next I decided to go to a doctor and have my right thumb checked. It has been hurtin for almost a month now.

I woke up in bed and texted my boss that I'm coming to work today, she replied "ok, noted", like should would on an average day. I ate my breakfast and talked to my Mom that I will borrowing our car for me to go to the bank and have a check-up. I told her that with our healthcard I would go to this hospital (same name as my sister) which is an accredited hospital of our companies healthcard. She adviced me to try some other hospitals because, as what happened to my grandmother and father before, they weren't really taken care off that much when they were admitted in that hospital.

I first decided to go to the bank because I was running a little late already, and since the bank has no lunch breaks, I went their first. I handed out my old card, and to my surprise my savings are almost depleted because I was already below minimum on that account. I even have to pay PHP 50.00 for a new card which will be deducted to my depletin savings. So I told the teller that I would just deposit some money to my account as not to have my account closed due to insuficient funds. The teller informed me that I could get my card this coming Wednesday, but I have no time to get myself. I asked her if I could have someone get it for me, but I am the only who could be allowed to get it. I again asked if I could just pick it up on other branches but she said that I could only get it to the branch where I opened my account. So now I leave the bank and probably get it on some other day.

After, going to the bank, I decided to head for SM Hypermart Valenzuela. Since it's almost twelve 12:00PM and almost lunch break, I should just get myself something to eat. Since I could just for a few minutes, I first decided to hit the arcade. I bought myself 5 tokens at Quantum. I scounted for a game to play, I saw someone playing "Tekken Tag", I after the other player was defeated I tried my luck. I easily defeated the guy, and won 3 times and loose again, and won again 4 times. I other words, Ithose 5 tokens well worth played. After a game, I decided to eat alreay. I went to the food court, thinking that I could spend less eating there. I selected on some few food choices, I came to choosing Fatboy's Pizza. I selected to eat their Giant Porkchop meal. I thought I would be satisfied since the meat is really big. After waiting for 5 minutes for my meal, I then sat on an empty table. I started to taste the food, and to my surprise, the stupid food taste AWFULL. The food some how tastes like a burnt food or even a rotten food. I tried finishing the food, since I don't putting it into waste but after a long struggle, I really couldn't finish eating the food. So I left the food unfinished and left my stomach unsatisfied as well. After leaving, I was thinking to myself that I should have approached the establishment and complaint on the bad taste of their food and get my money back. I think, I should be more strong next time as not to let this people get away with bad food and services.

After eacting I decided to head on to the doctors clinic for my check-up. My car is parked in this mall, and I was thinking if i should bring it to the hospital knowing that their is only limited parking space. I finally decided to leave the car and just take a jeepney to the hospital.
As I arrived to the hospital, I quickly searched for the clinic of the our healthcard. The referral will come from the Accounting Department. I informed the personnel that I will have my right thumb checked. She asked her co-worker to whom will they refer me since the PT and the Ortho, and finally said that they will refer me to a surgeon. I was thinking back then, my mom is right that this might not be a good decision coming to this hospital for a check-up. I went to the doctor which they refered me to, and according to the assistant of the good doctor, he is out for a while. I waited for the doctor, while the assistant texted her. The doctor called and talked to me over the phone. He tried to analyze my situation over the phone. Said that he will give me pain reliever and have my hand X-rayed. Again, I think this was a mistake going here. Where have you seen a doctor do a check-up over the phone and already advicing what to give and what to do. As I went out of the clinic, I saw an old friend from college, Stephanie. Judging from her looks and what she is carrying I already guest that she is a medrep. So we chatted for a while, and she even gave me a Vitamin C bottle, which is already due to expire this coming November. She was also going to the other building looking for a client, while I'm going to the admissions for approval of my X-ray. I entered the admission, after awhile I noticed that the persons inside were all students. I looked outside and saw that it was an admission for students. Stupid me! hahaha. So I went already to the admissions for approval, after reading the form, she saw that their were no diagnosis from the doctor so she cannot let me have an x-ray. She called the doctors office and informed them of the situation. I waited for while again, thinking that this was a big mistake and that I should just leave. Their came a call from the doctors clinic saying that their diagnosis was "Soft Tissue Rheumatism".
I then had my x-ray and borrowed the film for a while and went back to the doctors clinic. The doctor examined me at last, physically. Said that their are no fractures that he felt and nothing showed on the x-ray. Again, said that I should take the medicines as pain relievers because it woudl take some time for this pain come off because I don't have any good rests for my fingers during work.
After all of that I already went home, thinking to my self that place is not so reliable at all. I decided to take the medicines according to his prescription and if still doesn't work, I will go to another doctor for check-up.

A lesson learned, I food, product or service isn't good, complain. If you don't trust the hospital and the doctor, leave.

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