Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is another poem that I wrote before, I think I was 2nd year college in PLM... Nothing to do...

This was originally written July 26, 2002...

Please forgive the wrong grammars or spellings... I've some fixed some of the lines so that it wouldn't sound so awfull (nakakahiya kasi)...

Lights keep rushin' back in my head
Sometimes I feel I'm dead
I lie down silently on my bed
Until theirs nothing to be said

Could you imagine the pain I feel
It's like wanting to kill
Would I just be the one to kneel
Or be having a feel of thrill

Should I give-up and fade away
Wondering even if there would be a way
As the wind of breeze will sway
To the sunset of the bay

I would dream being on an island
and sing like I'm on a band
Waiting till I can't no longer stand
And say my last Goodbye!!!


Pam Bertulano said...

ako lang ba o talagang tinaon mong ipost to sa panahong ito ang nararamdaman mo ngayon?

'connect' me if I'm wrong ha?!LOL

axel said...

@ Pam >> hahaha... Teka, nararamdaman ko ngayon?? Anu ba nararamdaman ko ngayon...

Hehehe... Siguro both ways din...

lethalverses said...
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lethalverses said...

wow, dami namang talent ni axel... poet pa pala itong mabuhok na heartrob na ito!

even if there are times when you feel dead,
tired of the many pains that we all dread;
but though the path may not always be straight,
choose, we always can. and shape our own fate.

if the wind's not always going your ways,
shall you then move and change your waiting place?
or sit down, look at its ironic show:
...storms are toughest where the wind's blows go.

..sinapian na naman ako sa pagkocomment hahaha..

axel said...

@ LV >> hahaha, sana nga hearthrob ako... Nagpapanggap lang ako na poet...