Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Meals for a Big Appetite

Sumo Sam restaurant, the name itself sounded big. I kept on passing by this restaurant and wondering if the food are good or if they really have big servings. Since I love Japanese food, then I really have to try it out.

They several branches in Metro Manila, but Mia and I got the chance to try out their branch at Shangri-La Plaza.

The Place looks cozy

The place seem to be packed with people, a good indication that the food here might be something to look forward to. Now it's time to order, and I think I'll be ordering my usual just to compare. 

The plate and utensils with bamboo chopsticks.

Before the main course, fried dilis which is a little sweet and spicy.

House tea. The cup is bigger than the usual tea cup.

Ebi Tempura. 5pcs for Php 368, priced a little bit higher but the tiger prawn is just the right size. The taste is really good and the right crisp.

Japanese food isn't complete if you don't order Tuna Sashimi. It has 7 slices and priced at Php 208.

Japanese rice. I really love this rice. Php 228, good for 3 persons. Per cup serving is Php 89, ordering the rice bowl is cheaper than buying the per cup.

Cranberry Juice. Better than getting the usual ice tea drink.

Ripe Mango shake.

I usually order Tofu Stake, but to try something new, I ordered Tofu Chop Chop. Served in a sizzling plate with thick sauce which I think is a little bland. I was told by the waiter that this tofu is not the usual soft tofu. I wouldn't recommend this for you guys.

Another new dish that we tried, Bacon Kani - Php 208 (5 pcs.), I think it's a little bit pricy. I think they've put some teriyaki sauce to add flavor. Not bad.

Mia and I enjoying our late lunch.
We already tried our usual dishes and some new ones, maybe next time we will try the dishes since they also have burgers and other nice dishes. Overall I can recommend trying out this restaurant, but with someone or with a group cause they have big servings. 

One thing that bothered us was that some of the waiters aren't that courteous at all, especially the lady waiters. They don't say "excuse me", especially taking the empty plates while we're still eating. Another is when I requested for a replacement of the fried dilis because I saw a strand of hair on it, the waitress didn't even said "sorry". While the male waiters are really good mannered. Manners of the waiters in a restaurant is one the things that customers really look into. If customers are not being treated well even though the food is good, they will still be hesitant to return again or maybe suggest it to their friends and relatives.


Visual Velocity said...

I like their interior. Very warm and cozy. Mukang masarap yung rice nila. Everything looks good except for the price. Parang mejo mahal. Pero mukang sulit naman, so okay lang, hehe

Tago Fabic said...

I remember eating there also. Not my favorite Japanese resto (I still love Omakase) but it's a great restaurant still. :D

NOw I miss Manila more. lol.

Axel said...

@Visual Velocity >> tingin ko sakto lang din yung price since malaki din naman servings nila..

@Tago Fabic >> San ka based ngayon? Saan yung Omakase?? Baka pwede ko itry din yan.. hehe..

Tago Fabic said...

@Axel, asa SG na ko ngayon e. Ung omakase meron sa Libis at Tomas Morato (sa pagkakaalala ko ha, hopefully they're still there :D )

Visual Velocity said...

Merong Omakase dito sa Ishwood. Around the area lang ako. Libre mo ko? Heheh

Axel said...

@Tago Fabic >> hmm, parang hindi ko napapansin yun sa Tomas Morato ah.. Sige kapag naligaw ako uli sa lugar na yun.. thanks..

@Visual Velocity >> dyan sa area ka ba nakatira?? ako na ilibre mo dali.. hehehe..

Visual Velocity said...

Sa Ishwood work ko, hehe

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I've had that bacon-kani thing in another resto before and the combo works for me. You're right, a bit pricey though. Hope to try this resto when we're back in Manila.

Axel said...

@Visual Velocity >> yun naman pala eh, after work pwede mo na ko ilibre.. hehe..

@Pinay Travel Junkie >> yes, it's a nice combo.. I think you should try it there sometime.. When will you go back to Manila?

Ed. E. said...

haha lagot sila pag di nila inayos yung mga waiters nila.. lakas pa naman ng balik sa isang restaurant pag natadtad yun ng bad feedback..

Chyng said...

why wont you recommend the tofu dish? matigas? or too soft?

Axel said...

@Chyng >> Matigas siya tsaka hindi masarap yung sauce niya, para sakin..