Sunday, October 11, 2009


Pagpasensyahan nyo na, dahil sa wala akong maipost na bago ay ibabahagi ko lang ang isa sa mga luma kong tula... Ito ay kung matatawag nyo ngang tula...

I hate those who hate me
I hate those who brings fear in me
I hate those who doesn't understand me
I just hate all of them

Am I just tired or living?
Or am I just tired of believing?
Am I just tired of failing?
Or am I just tired of being a fool?

I'm sick of all this tension
I'm sick of all the hard times
I'm sick of the things around me
And I'm sick of everything else

I've got so much things in mind
That I couldn't even sleep at night
Or even breathe normally just once
As everything becomes a death toll for me

I hate to wait and sit around
I hate that I am still here
I hate to think that I'm still alive
Or do I just hate myself.


Anonymous said...

life is beautiful...



wait said...

indeed life is beautiful.

drink water : )

Axel said...

@dhyoy & wait >> hehehe, thanks... I made this when I was still a little bit young...